A few weeks ago after I went to Choteau for the Teton Pass trip. I recieved a call from Shane Dowaliby while I was chilling in Kalispell telling me Bozeman got over a foot of snow, and that I should come back over for a few fun days of urban. That morning I took the train home slept a couple hours, picked up my park skis, and headed up to Sandpoint to meet up with Dash Kamp and drive over to Bozeman in a Semi thanks to Slate.


As soon as we got off the semi we were picked up by our good friend Jonny Durst and taken to the Bozeman Skate park. We didn't know what we were getting into exactly, but thanks to a very high powerful wench Dash, Shay Lee, and I were able to have a fun session of jumping and wrapped up the session at 3 A.M.


The next day we were all happy to sleep in, but then decided it was time to go scope out somemore urban. Sadly the vast majority of the snow had melted and made building any feature during the day nearly impossible. So we all decided to go away and come back later to check it out later that night when the temperature had dropped. We ended up going over to a parking garage and building a fun transition for us to ride. A very fun feature and by the time we finished it was already 5 A.M.

Me and Dash after finishing at 5 A.M. Photo by: Jonny Durst

Me and Dash after finishing at 5 A.M. Photo by: Jonny Durst

The last day of riding we decided to go check out a rail at a pass near Bozeman. Although it was very warm and everyone was exhausted Dash still went out and got some shots.


Overall it was a very successful trip! Always so much fun getting to hangout with the friends over at TSP and all the shots from the trip with be in next year's TSP film!

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