Spring Skiing at Stevens Pass

Few weeks back after I got home from Montana I decided to take a week off to just relax and hangout. It was a very much needed break hanging out in Walla Walla. The following weekend I headed up to Wenatchee with my buddy Zack to ski a couple days up at Stevens Pass, and to make a spring edit with Matthew Ballard. The first night we all went out to chinese and then chilled at my buddy Keith Matsumura's place before heading to bed.

M e and Keith, Photo by: Matthew Ballard
Me and Keith, Photo by: Matthew Ballard

The following morning I was so excited to ski. This was my first time ever skiing Stevens Pass and I must say they do a pretty good job! They had so many fun lines of jumps and rails up and I was having an absolute blast in there park. 

Photo by Matthew Ballard

Photo by Matthew Ballard

We skied super hard till the resort closed and then headed back to Keith's house and Matt somehow talked us into jumping on the tramp so he could get some shots. 

P hotos by Matthew Ballard
Photos by Matthew Ballard

The next day although incredibly sore we headed up to Stevens and we skied hard until around the end of the day where I decided to try a dub and ended up landing sideways, tweaking my knee a little bit. A week after I found out I partially tore my MCL, but I should still be good for summer skiing thank God! 


Last week Matthew Ballard released the edit from our two days of filming, and I couldn't be more happy with how well the edit turned out. Matthew has some serious filming/editing skills. Check out the edit if you haven't yet. A special thanks to David Steele and Kelly Clarke for helping me out with tickets and The Matsumura's for opening their home to me.

This trip was so much fun! Even though i'm not skiing for a little, it was still worth it to actually try more tricks. Glad I got to hangout with some really cool people and that I finally got the chance to ski Stevens. Cannot wait to get back on snow this summer. Till then I'll just be healing up, working, and hanging out with friends. 


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