Been a quick and very fun last couple months since I last blogged. After my Stevens Pass trip I found out that I partially tore my MCL so I've been taking it easy since then. During that time I was just living down in Walla Walla hanging out with some good friends and making as many memories as possible while rehabbing my knee.

Then a couple weeks ago my friend Shane Dowaliby hit me up saying that Toy Soldier Productions was heading up to Beartooth Pass so we could shoot and shred for fun. So after some calls figuring out how to get gear, and camping stuff to my house I was able to catch a ride to Missoula with Shane and his awesome family. Then after a quick lunch we set off to Bozeman with Shane’s girlfriend Ana. Once we arrived in Bozeman we quickly met up with our buddy Khai Krepala from Salt Lake and after catching up went to bed. The next morning we went to pick up Luke Perin before heading off to the Beartooth’s.

After a quick stop in Red Lodge and the campsite we headed up to the mountains to meet up with the rest of the crew.

I can honestly say that the drive up to the Beartooth's is one of the most beautiful drives I've ever seen. So many mountains and areas that make you think you're in a movie like Lord of The Rings instead of Montana/Wyoming.

I wish I could go more into details about the shoot, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy. I will say that people will definitely enjoy the creation we built, and will be stoked on Shay, Luke, Khai, Cody, and Brock throwing down and having fun! Really wish I could of rode with them, but decided to play it safe and take it easy so my knee could get stronger before hitting the slopes in a couple weeks. When we weren't on the snow we had a great time camping, playing games, shooting guns, and going to Red Lodge for a crazy cookie. 

After having such a fun time up in the Beartooth’s we all headed back to Bozeman and ended up staying most of the week. Throughout the week just tried to have as much fun as we possibly could at breakfast and dinner parties, bowling, walking around, parks, Naked Noodle, chillan at the Moose Mansion, and spending most of our time at the TSP offices taking a look at the rough cut of the movie, it's good!

After enjoying our time in Bozeman I caught a ride back to Spokane with my buddy Khai! Always fun getting to hangout with the Bozeman crew! Looking forward to going back this fall for the World Premiere!