The last month for me has gone by so fast, with so many fun times hanging out with friends, sharing laughs, and trying our best to keep life exciting.

The last few weekends though have been amazing with fun camping trips, relaxing on the lake, and my personal favorite skiing. After weeks of planning and trying to get everything organized, I was able to head over to Hood with my friends Jonny Durst and Gillian Montgomery for a few days of skiing and camping out. This was the first time I've gone skiing since screwing up my MCL at Stevens Pass, and it was amazing.

First day on the hill I wasn’t too sure how my knee was going to feel, but after a few laps my confidence started to build and more tricks I tried to get back. Over the next few days my knee started to feel better and my confidence for tricks was improving as well.

Although I wasn’t able to relearn all the tricks I wanted. I’m still so happy I was able to ski a little bit and have some fun. While skiing the Windells lane I got to hang out with a few peeps I don't get to see too often and it was great to catch up a little and take some laps. 

When I wasn’t on the hill I spent most of my time down at Windells hanging with some friends at the Ark; where the Windells coaches and guests stay. Got to have some fun hanging out and meeting a bunch of cool people there and relax after a fun day of skiing with some music, laughs, bonfires, and good times.

While I was at Hood Toy Soldier Productions dropped the trailer for their ski movie "Act Natural". Had such a fun year filming with them and really stoked on how good the trailer turned out. Looking forward to seeing the completed version this September at the World Premiere in Bozeman! 

The last day I was at Hood I just took hot laps through public all day with Jonny and Gill and had such a blast!

Always so much fun when you're shredding with friends, and when you have a fun park to ride it's that much better. Hood was amazing and I cannot wait to head back in a couple weeks to do some filming.