On the heels of a very productive trip to Utah, and a quick day stop in Spokane to see family, pick up new gear, and get some much needed boot work done at the Sports Creel, I was off to New Zealand for spring. This was my third trip down to New Zealand, and the latest in the season I’ve been there.


The past two times I’ve gone to New Zealand has been for the NZ Winter Games. Due to coming back from an injury this spring, I unfortunately had to miss it this year. But decided to come later on in search of spring-slush conditions.

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On our way down to New Zealand, Coach Ted and I had a long layover in Auckland, and decided to go check out the town. This was my first time actually going into the Auckland, and got the chance to see the downtown area, along with going up the SkyTower. 

Auckland SkyTower

Auckland SkyTower

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Shortly after making our way back to the airport, and hopping on our final flight to Queenstown. Making a mandatory quick stop at Fergburger, then finished our travel journey in Wanaka, arriving to our buddy Brad's spot. Being in a zombie-like state from traveling 30+ hours, we tried to stay up as late as possible, late being closer to 8pm. The next day we were up early to go shred.

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During that first week of skiing, we had most days filled with overcast and clouds. Since neither of us had skied in awhile, we used the time for getting warmed up, and used to the new boots. For those who haven't gone through the experience of new boots, it's usually not the most enjoyable time. On occasion, side effects of new boots include, pain, soreness, lack of confidence, and a general negative outlook on life. After skiing in them a bit more, and getting my liner stretched by Jason at the Sole Lab. I was finally feeling good in them and skiing well. Right in time for the weather to improve for week two.

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In week 2 the weather vastly improved, and I was finally able to start sessioning the jumps. With the feet feeling happy, this was the start of my progression period. Thanks to the boot canting job I got at the Sports Creel, I was doing some of the best right side tricks I've ever done. Feeling much more comfortable and able to ski stronger. Midway through the week, Ted and I stayed late to enjoy a day of sun which also included me finally landing a few Dub 1620's. This trick I had only previously done on accident, one morning in Winter Park. That morning I slipped out on the takeoff, spun out, somehow stomped it, and rode away smoothly. Unfortunately the camera man missed that shot, but I've been wanting to try one on purpose ever since. After doing a few more of those, the rest of the week spent getting ready for the Spring Camp happening the next week. Feeling very exhausted from a hard week of skiing, along with bad weather coming through, Ted and I took out much needed down day before Spring Camp started. 

Next up part 2: Spring Camp