Park City - Fall Training Part 2

The final two weeks have past by so quickly, with each day revolving around the theme of coffee, ski, gym, eat, ruckus, sleep, repeat.


Two weeks ago the US Rookie team came to town, and thankfully I was allowed to session with them. While the first couple of days were a fun time, the weather started to turn a bit sour for us. When I came down to Utah, I was just leaving August warmth, and didn't even have the thought of snow coming in September. My fashion choices reflected this, and as such I was shivering after a quick, yet productive session. For the rest of the week we were on this routine, with a little bit of group League kickball in the mixture until the weekend.


For awhile via social media I've been following two big name speakers, Tony Robbins and Gary Vaynerchuk. It just so happened that they were both speaking in Salt Lake one day that weekend, so I decided to go check it out. While the day itself was very long with a bunch of people speaking at this conference, it was very worth it and enjoyable to hear them talk in person.

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins

The rest of the weekend included the Big Picture and Level 1 Productions movie premiere, followed by a very snowy Sunday.


The following few days were again a blur of training routines, along with the Good Company Premiere. Hyped on how their movie turned out, and thankful I was able to get a shot in the movie. Last spring I unfortunately wasn't able to stick around for the whole shoot, so had to make the most of it.


Back on the training side, these were some of the last chances I got on the bag, and as such tried to make the most of it. So many tricks I want to get dialed in New Zealand, and happy with how I ended my last session before flying out Thursday to Spokane.


Very happy I was able to make the trip down to Utah this past month, and very thankful to everyone who helped make this trip so memorable. Hope to come back to Utah and shred some pow after the crazy contest season finishes up!

Till next time,


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