SFR Freestyle Tour - Finals

Today, had great weather in the early afternoon where starting off was the ladies. At the end of the morning Kelly Sildaru came out with the Win, followed by Isabel Atkin, and Giulia Tanno.

Photo by: SFR Freestyle Tour

Photo by: SFR Freestyle Tour

Following the ladies it was time for the guys practice. With Sunny weather and no winds, this was one of the better practices I’ve done. Unfortunately the weather didn’t stay that way.

Right after practice finished, clouds started to roll in. By the time I dropped, speed had already started to change, and I came up short on a jump making my ski pop off. By the next run, it was too slow to do big tricks on the 2nd jump, and threw the majority of us off. Bummed the weather didn’t stay nice for us, but it ‘s just apart of the game. Major congrats to the guys who were able to still throw down today!


Many thanks to SFR for throwing another great contest! Flying back to the States in the morning. Next stop, Mammoth for the Grand Prix.